Packing Supplies

The Storage Center is here to be your one-stop shop for all your storage needs at every point in your process. While we help you find the right fit for your budget with our helpful size guide and wide selection of sizes, the benefits don’t stop once you’ve reserved your unit.

We understand that the right packing supplies are essential for protecting and preserving your belongings during storage. Explore our comprehensive range of high-quality packing materials designed to make your packing and moving experience seamless. We also provide other helpful tools to ensure you have everything you need to tackle any storage challenge.

A Selection of Box Sizes

Our selection of boxes caters to all your packing needs. From small and medium boxes to large and extra-large options, find the perfect fit for your belongings. Sturdy and durable, our boxes provide reliable protection for your tools, keepsakes, decorations, and everything you store, big or small.

For added protection, preserve the condition of your clothing during the moving process with our wardrobe boxes. These specialized boxes allow you to hang your clothes directly, minimizing wrinkles and ensuring your wardrobe stays organized and intact during transportation and storage.

Tape, Tape Dispensers, and Tape Guns

Once you’ve found the correct box for storage, streamline your packing process with our assortment of tapes, including standard packing tape, tape dispensers, and tape guns. These make sealing your boxes efficient and hassle-free, ensuring that your items are securely packed and ready for storage.

Bubble Wrap, Paper, Foam, and Other Wrapping Materials

Our wrapping and packing paper provides a cushioning layer for fragile items and delicate belongings. For added shock protection, opt for robust materials like Bubble Wrap or foam to secure even the most delicate items.

While other wrapping materials can protect your belongings, use shrink wrap to keep them organized. Group your sets of dishes and silverware together so they are easy to unpack, and if you are worried about keeping your precious LEGOs, models, or antiques in one piece, shrink wrap is an excellent way to prevent damage and mitigate the mess in case of any accidents.

Mattress, Sofa, Chair, TV, and Dust Covers

Safeguard your furniture and electronics with our protective covers, designed to fit appliances and furniture. Whether you need protection for your mattress, sofa, chair, or TV and want to keep items dust-free, our covers are the solution to ensure your belongings remain in pristine condition.

Dish and Glass Protection Kits

Simplify the packing of fragile kitchenware with our custom dish and glass protection kits. These all-in-one packing toolboxes include dividers and cushioning materials to protect your dishes and glassware from breakage. Use them while you move or as a convenient organizer inside your unit.

Sharpies, Rope, Box Cutters, and More

Complete your packing supply checklist with other often-overlooked essential storage accessories:

Find all these tools, including disk locks for your unit, dollies and carts, and more, at The Storage Center near you. We will ensure you have all the resources you need not just to store your items affordably but also to store them correctly.