What To Store in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

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Whether moving, downsizing, renovating, storing seasonal items, or trying to save space around your home, storage units are fantastic options to house your belongings. However, there are a variety of storage unit options available for customers to choose from. While some items fare well in a standard storage unit, many are better suited for climate-controlled storage to ensure their protection and longevity. Read on to learn about climate-controlled storage and what items should be stored in these units.

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

At self storage facilities, there are a variety of unit options available. Some units might have walls that face the outdoors, making it challenging to keep the interior temperatures consistent in warm and cold climates. When temperatures fluctuate, the items in the unit could become warped, cracked, or otherwise harmed.

Climate-controlled units, however, are often interior units and have better airflow, making it possible to regulate the temperatures and humidity levels and create a stable environment. For instance, climate-controlled storage units in Texas maintain a consistent temperature and level of humidity even when it’s 80 degrees one day and rainy and cool the next. These units often hover between 55° F and 80° F. A temperate room is much safer for fragile belongings requiring more care.

Do I Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

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Each customer will need to take an inventory of the items they plan on storing. Some items will be just fine in a regular storage unit, but here are some items that would be best suited for a climate-controlled environment.


Devices like computers, video game consoles, record players, hard drives, servers, and DVDs can be subject to warping and melting in high temperatures. If you want to preserve these electronics, store them in a climate-controlled storage unit. If you’ve got their original boxes, pack them up in those. If not, make sure to find solid padding and stack them carefully in a secure container.

Sensitive Documents and Files

Individuals and business owners are often required to hang onto important documents and files, especially tax-related paperwork, for at least seven years. These papers, whether physical copies or digital versions stored on hard drives, can take up a lot of space. Storing these essential artifacts and ensuring their longevity makes them an ideal candidate for a climate-controlled storage unit.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl albums are making a comeback. However, collectors know how fragile these items can be. It’s vital to store these items vertically and ensure they’re located in a dry environment to prevent warping. Store these musical gems in a climate-controlled unit to ensure they’ll be playable for decades to come.


For ardent collectors of items like stamps, coins, and comic books, a climate-controlled unit is a fantastic option to maintain their value. Although a stable environment is crucial in keeping these items in their current condition, store these collectible items in airtight containers to keep them free of dust.

Furniture and Heirlooms

Sometimes people inherit furniture or family heirlooms that they want to hold on to but currently don’t have the space for them. Finding suitable storage for bulky pieces that might not fit in your current home or apartment is an excellent option for keeping and preserving these special pieces. Because these items are often made of materials prone to cracking or warping, storing them in a climate-controlled unit is a wise choice to ensure they’ll remain in good condition for future use.

What Items Don’t Need a Climate-Controlled Unit?

Although the preceding list was a bit long, some items do just fine in a regular storage unit. Hardy things like tools, gardening supplies, sealed clothing, and plastic dishware don’t require a consistent temperature to remain in good condition. As long as those items are packed and sealed well, they’ll do fine in a standard storage unit.

Trusting The Storage Center To Keep Your Belongings Secure

Deciding how to preserve important belongings can be overwhelming if it’s your first time using storage units. If you’ve got questions about which units your specific items require, reach out to our professionals at The Storage Center. Our family-owned business was founded in Baton Rouge in 1986.

Since then, we’ve expanded to over 60 storage site locations across Louisiana, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. We take pride in providing clean, well-lit, secure, and easy-to-access storage facilities. We look forward to helping you find the best size and type of unit that fits your storage needs and budget.

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