7 Reasons You May Need a Self Storage Unit

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Many people might find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of things lying around their homes and begin making piles of things to donate and get rid of. However, some items might be in the way right now but need to be kept for future use. In these types of situations, it can be beneficial to utilize a self storage unit.

From decluttering your home to storing business inventory, a storage unit can become essential in various scenarios. There are a variety of benefits to using a self storage unit. Read on to discover the top seven reasons individuals and businesses turn to self storage solutions and how self storage can provide convenience during life transitions like moving or downsizing.

1. Decluttering Your Home

Sometimes we might look around our house and wonder how we came to own so many toys, clothes, books, furniture, and knickknacks. Items like baby clothes, toys, and family heirlooms are worth saving but can get in the way depending on your current lifestyle. You may want to reuse those clothes and toys after the next baby arrives or pass on the heirlooms to your children when they’re older and have a place of their own to keep them. Using a self storage unit allows you to preserve your limited space while securing these items for the future.

2. Storing Seasonal Equipment

Items like skis, snowboards, Christmas décor, and winter clothing like snow pants, sweaters, and boots can occupy a lot of space around our house. However, it would be expensive (and wasteful) to throw these bulky items away as soon as the weather warms and re-purchase them once fall returns. Instead, pack these things in airtight or vacuum-sealed containers and place them in temporary storage until you’re ready to use them again.

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3. Moving

Moving to a new home is often a complex process with many moving parts. For those who are moving into a house that requires some extensive cleaning, remodeling, or a number of DIY projects, some rooms might not be able to store items right away, but they also can’t stay in the old location since you don’t live there anymore. Using a self storage unit to hold these items until they can be unpacked in their new home helps keep your items out of the way as you move into your new place.

4. Downsizing

There are a variety of reasons why a person might need to downsize their living situation, whether it’s for a short time or a more permanent lifestyle change. Despite these changes, many people still have important items they don’t want to get rid of. Have no fear, though, because a self storage unit can be an excellent decluttering strategy for downsizing your home.

For those heading off to school and leaving their childhood bedrooms behind, temporary self storage can be an excellent solution for college students who have items they want to keep for the future but don’t have the space in their dorm or shared home. Self storage can be an affordable option for people living in small apartments who know they’ll be moving to bigger places. Storing bulky items that don’t fit in these small spaces ensures they can secure them while keeping them out of the way.

A man measures a wall with a level as his dog watches the renovation.

5. Renovations

Renovations are fun—once they’re complete. The process of renovating can be a bit stressful as part of the home becomes a construction zone that can’t be utilized during the project. However, one of the benefits of using a storage unit during a home renovation is that the items you relocate from that area don’t have to pile up in an open corner or space in your home. You can move them to a storage unit temporarily during the renovation. Keep your non-construction zone rooms clutter-free so you have a calm place to retreat during the chaotic renovation process.

6. Storing Business Inventory

Many entrepreneurs run businesses out of their homes, which can be convenient but can also create a lot of clutter and take up space. It can be beneficial for many at-home workers to hang on to important items and documents in an off-site location so their home is still a sanctuary and doesn’t begin to feel like their workplace. Storing these items in airtight containers and placing them in a storage unit can restore a cozier feeling and create a healthier balance between home and workplace.

7. Extended Travel or Hosting a Short-Term Rental

As more people have flexibility in their workplace location, families find themselves traveling for extended periods. Many homeowners are choosing to rent out their homes when they’re not using them to offset the costs. To make your short-term rental an accommodating space for a variety of guests, it can be beneficial to gather up items you don’t want clients to use or that might add unnecessary clutter to the rooms. You’ll probably want to access these items once you’re back in your space, so keeping them in a storage unit during these times can be a helpful way to declutter the rental—but hang on to the items important to you.

We at The Storage Center know that our customers require self storage units for a variety of reasons and needs. Reach out to our professionals at one of our 60 locations, and we’ll help you find a unit that fits your needs and budget.

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